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Box Product News

Your Recents list now includes files you accessed on other devices as well as in the browser.
The new update will allow users to  now preview DICOM files on Android. This release also includes additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

We will be rolling out an improved onboarding experience for users logging into Box for the first time to encourage quick engagement and adoption. The improved experience will teach new users how to leverage some basic features of Box, including uploading, previewing and sharing. There will also be a pre-loaded one pager highlighting ways to get started with Box.

We will be providing a Windows MSI installer for the Box Notes desktop app, for easier mass deployment of Box Notes on the desktop soon!

This new version includes a brand new search experience. Quickly get back to recent searches,
filter by file type, and more. This release also includes additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Legal Holds (as part of Box Governance) will have the option to be selected as "Ongoing". If a user (or file or folder) is placed on hold today, and tomorrow that user uploads, downloads, previews, or in any way accesses, that new file will be held.

At the beginning of March, we announced Box Zones in the UK, on the first IBM-supported Zone. With this option, customers will be able to select the UK as their primary location, with backup in Germany. Box can help companies in Europe address their data residency concerns, so that they can benefit from the mobility and collaboration of the cloud. In addition to the US, customers can now choose to store their data in Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Canada, which are already available in partnership with Amazon Web Services. This will be generally available in the Spring. Stay tuned.

We added version counts into the new web experience to make it easier to see which files are most active. This is similar to the feature we had in the old web experience.

We've added promotions for Box Sync and the Box mobile apps to our new web app experience to help users get the most out of Box! These promotions are very similar to the "Install Box Sync" and "Get Box for Mobile" buttons we have in the old web experience.


If IT admins do not want these promotions to appear to their end users, admins can disable the promotions from their admin console. Users will also be able to opt-out of these promotions. 

We updated our wrapped app with the all new Box 4.0 for Android for the following EMM providers: 

  • MaaS360 (Generic)
  • MobileIron 7.5.6
  • AirWatch


We will rebuild our backend to give you a faster, more reliable upload experience for large files (>100MB). Coming soon, when a user uploads a large file to Box, we will chunk it into smaller parts and parallelize part uploads on the Box backend for improved performance.


This new upload experience will be supported on the Box web app and Box Platform SDKs for all users. Later, we will add support on more Box applications, including Box Sync and mobile, as well as gradually increase our file size limits for uploads.

This release includes bug fixes and stability improvements.

Coming Soon: Box Tools for Mac and Windows 3.3.0

by 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

This release includes bug fixes, stability improvements and backend optimizations. A side-effect of these changes is that Box Edit will no longer work with incognito / private mode in browsers.


Folder Invitation links (see screenshot below) will stop being supported in early May 2017. On this date, the folder invitation link will disappear from the folder settings page and existing folder invitation links will stop working.




Users will be able to achieve similar functionality with shared links. Shared links can be used as invitation links by enabling the setting "Allow anyone who can access this folder from a shared link to join as a collaborator" on the folder settings page (see screenshot below). If users in your enterprise have shared folder invitation links outside of Box, they should replace them with shared links with this setting enabled before early May 2017.


box-image (1).png

In early May 2017, we will remove the email confirmation URL information for unconfirmed managed users from the Admin Console.

Today, there is ability for Admins and Co-Admins to view the email confirmation URL sent to end users to confirm their Box accounts. To improve security efforts, this URL will be removed from the Admin Console. End users will still receive the email containing the confirmation URL and Admins can resend the email if the end user doesn't receive it the first time. If you are a paying Box customer and need an exception to maintain this functionality beyond early May 2017, please contact your Box Customer Success Manager or Box User Services.

In summer 2017, Box will launch the ability for end-users to export up to seven years of file-level access stats


When exporting seven years of file-level access stats launches, Box will simultaneously change the visible total file preview and download calculations to only include the last 100 events in the last year.


There is no action for IT admins or end users to take.

In summer 2017, Box will launch a new homepage for its Admin Console, with useful insights and account status information. This homepage will replace the six charts seen on the Admin Console Overview today. The deprecated charts are Last Logins, Top Five Users (# Logins), Logins Over Time, Storage Aggregate (GB), Top Five Users (MB) and Storage Usage (# of Users). These charts are available to all Primary Admins and Co-Admins with Reporting permissions. Box may support a subset of these metrics the new homepage. 


The new experience will launch when the current dashboards are deprecated. Logins over time will be removed early summer 2017, a few months prior to the launch of the new dashboard. All other Reports will remain available through the Reports tool. Box Admins do not need to take any action as a result of this change. Review the Admin Console Guide here. 

Now, Box Admins can control the number of file versions that are saved per file in their enterprise via the "Custom Setup" tab of the Admin Console's settings. The maximum limit of file versions saved will vary according to your account type. If a given file has more versions than the limit, older versions of the file will no longer be restorable. For more information, feel free to reference this Community article.

We have redesigned the Admin Console's Reports interface to improve usability and efficiency. Beginning January, we will release a new UI to match Box's new web experience, minor functionality changes, and a faster, more reliable experience running the reports in the Box web application.

Please see all future and past changes here and learn how to join the beta for early access to future Admin Console updates. For additional documentation, feel free to check out this Community Article.

This new version of Box for iOS includes a new search experience that lets you quickly get back to recent searches, filter by file type and more. You'll be able to customize how you swipe through documents with the Paging Mode feature in Settings under Files & Folders.

With security in mind, we will be changing the expected behavior for our Custom Terms of Service functionality when modifying the text of terms. 
Currently, in order for an admin to prompt their end-users to re-accept new terms, the admin must fully turn on/off the Custom Terms of Service feature. If an admin only edits the text of existing terms, the expected behavior today is that end-users will not be prompted to re-accept the changed terms. 
Once we release this product enhancement, admins will now be able to make changes to the text of their terms and automatically re-prompt end-users to accept the newly modified terms without having to turn the feature on and off This enables admins to seamlessly communicate and trigger end-users to re-accept new terms. 
If your organization is using Custom Terms of Service today and directly impacted, you will also be receiving further communication from Box.

Awareness: Statement on Cloudflare Security Issue

by a month ago - last edited a month ago

Box has been made aware of a security issue impacting customers of Cloudflare. You can find a related public article from Cloudfare on this issue with full details at We thought it would be helpful to share some information from the Box Security Team.
Our Security Team has validated there is no impact to Box or customer content. While Box uses CDN solutions including Cloudflare for static content, Box does not use the Cloudflare features (email obfuscation, Server-side Excludes and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites) impacted by the issue.
If you should have any concerns or follow-up questions, please file a case to connect with a member of our User Services Team.

We are going to make it easier for you to find Box Notes! In the Box Notes interface, we're going to add a search bar to the top of the lefthand side that will search your entire enterprise for any Notes that you have access to and show the search results within Box Notes.

Coming Soon: Excel Online Previewer

by a month ago - last edited 3 weeks ago

Soon we will release a new and improved way for customers using the new Box web interface to preview Excel spreadsheets in Box. With this new capability, users will be able to flip between Excel sheets, search for specific cells, and sort content all from preview mode in Box without ever downloading the file or opening Excel. To learn more about the new experience coming soon, please review documentation here.  Currently, the enable/disable controls are live in the admin console now for both old and new web experiences. However, excel previewer is only available to users on the new web experience. 


Prior to releasing this for all end-users, there will be controls available from the Box Admin Console that
allow you to govern whether this new experience is enabled or disabled for your organization. By default, this new Excel preview experience will be enabled for all end-users leveraging the new Box web interface when released in the next few weeks, unless you disable all new published applications by default from the Box Admin Console (in which case it will be disabled until you take action to enable it). If you need additional support, please submit a case to our User Services team. 
Please note that free users will already see this capability in their accounts already.

Coming Soon: GEN and Reachability Rollout

by a month ago - last edited a month ago

We're always working to improve the Box user experience and we've recently expanded our infrastructure to make it even easier and faster for our customers to access Box. We're rolling out new POPs (Points of Presence) to expand the edges of our network, improving performance by bringing the Box network closer to our users.

If you are using our recommended firewall configuration settings, you should not be affected by this change because our recommendations take into account these types of changes to our network.

If you are unsure, you can run a quick test to verify that your experience will not be impacted by checking our Connectivity Testing page for our Old Web Experience and our Connectivity Testing page for our New Web Experience to make sure your browser is able to connect to various Box domains. If you see any images on the Connectivity Testing page that are blocked or have any additional clarifying questions about this enhancement, please contact our Box User Services Team for further assistance.

Launched: Box Notes - Delete Notes Capability

by on ‎02-15-2017 11:33 AM - last edited on ‎02-16-2017 03:05 PM by

The More Options menu in Box Notes will gain a new menu item titled "Delete note." In the top right hand cormer, when users click the '...' next to the 'Share' option, they will now see the option to delete a note.

Coming Soon: Version numbers on Files List

by on ‎02-15-2017 11:25 AM - last edited 2 weeks ago by

We're adding version counts into the new web experience to make it easier to see which files are most active. This is similar to the feature we had in the old web experience.

Launched: Box for Android 4.3

by on ‎02-15-2017 11:24 AM

The Box app will now support unlocking via fingerprint on Marshmellow and above capable devices. You can enable this feature by turning on the "Require Passcode" option under Security Settings. This release also supports bug fixes and stability improvements.


Launched: February 13, 2017

Availability: General Availability



Coming Soon: Box for iOS 4.0.2

by on ‎02-10-2017 08:17 AM - last edited 2 weeks ago by

This new version of Box for iOS includes a new search experience
that lets you quickly get back to recent searches, filter by file type
and more. You'll be able to customize how you swipe through documents
with the Paging Mode feature in Settings under Files & Folders.

Launched: Updates to the Box Developer Experience

by ‎02-08-2017 12:07 PM - edited ‎02-10-2017 08:16 AM

Today, we're rolling out five updates to the Box Developer Experience! Now, developers will see a new visual API navigator for them to explore how Box Platform integrates into applications, new interactive and crowd-sourced documentation for the Box API, and the open beta of our developer console. We also made updates to our most popular SDKs – Java, Node.js and .NET.


For more information about these changes and additional resource, please refer to the items below:

Launched: February 8, 2017

Availability: General Availability

Soon we will make it easier for users to find their most recently accessed content in the new Box web interface. When working in a Box folder, you will find 'Recents' listed in the left sidebar. Clicking 'Recents' will take you to to your most recently accessed content.