Rolled Back: Inviting Collaborators for Edit Individual Files

Box Employee
Due to compatibility issues discovered with some integrations and desktop editing applications including Box Edit, the release of Single File Collaboration (adding the ability into Invite collaborators to individual files) has been rolled back until further notice while we work to improve compatibility across experiences. 
The ‘invite collaborators’ option that was added in mid-September 2017 on files will be removed from both the web and mobile applications. Collaborations already created on files will be maintained, but users that have been collaborated to individual files will notice that the 'Open' button (on the web application) will be disabled on these files. We will re-enable the 'Open' button once the compatibility issues have been resolved. 
As always, users can be invited as collaborators at the folder level in order to edit the files contained in that folder. 
Box Certified Professional

Please consider re-releasing Single File Collaboration with a setting to DISABLE this at the enterprise or folder levels.  Many enterprises are trying to reduce content sprawl, continuously audit external collaborators, and reduce confusion for our users.   Thank you for the consideration. 

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It would be helpful in the future if you would notify administrators of their individual Box tenants of when you perform an action like this to allow us to be more proactive instead of reactive.

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If you have set the option that only Owners and Co-Owners can invite collaborators, that will apply to file level collaboration as well.  We set up our space so a service account is the Owner of everything and everyone just gets Editor access, well for our sensitive files anyway.  Non-sensitive is more of a wild west, but we are okay with that... for now.

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Along the lines of @laraknight could we have the ability to turn this feature on when we want too? It caught our users unaware and I didn't have any training or communication ready... AKA Bad change management. 

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Any ETA on when this will be released? This is a HUGE need for our organization and we had it in Beta and our users LOVED IT.