October 2017 Product Newsletter

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BoxWorks 2017 Product Recap

A few weeks ago we hosted our biggest BoxWorks yet with over 5,000 attendees! We were honored to have amazing speakers such as Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Jill Biden, Valerie Jarrett and Brian Chesky join us. Box CEO, Aaron Levie unveiled a new chapter for Cloud Content Management.


  • Learn more about our new product announcements here and join us on November 15th for the Box Virtual Summit.

Developer Announcements

  • Check out the awesome developer announcements rolled out at BoxWorks 2017, including Box Dev Training, Box Elements, Analytics in the Box Developer Console, and many more! Learn more here!
  • Be sure to register for our upcoming Webinar: The Best of BoxWorks for Developers


November Product Releases

The new and transformative products Box is bringing to you this month.

  • Box Drive Public Beta v1.3: introducing a new drag and drop experience on Box Drive on Windows! Now when you drag and drop a file into a Box folder the file is copied instead of moved, leaving the original file unmoved on your machine.
  • Box Relay: November 13th a new kind of workflow tool comes to market. Box Relay allows anyone to easily create custom workflows that replace ad hoc solutions like email, spreadsheet, and task. To learn more about Box Relay, please register for our upcoming webinar Introducing Box Relay: Workflow Made Simple. Learn more here.
  • Nintex Workflow for Box: Nintex Workflow for Box makes it easy to automate, analyze, and optimize content creation and collaboration processes all without writing a single line of code. From new employee on-boarding, to contract lifecycle management, to empowering customer service, Nintex and Box dynamically drive better business outcomes. Learn more here.
  • Box CLI (Command Line Interface): using the Box CLI, Box Admins and developers can script routine processes and perform bulk actions with Box via our APIs all without writing a single line of code. Learn more here.

New Box Notes functionalities on the way

  • Inbox: allows you to immediately see which notes have been edited by someone, including notes that have been shared with you. A blue dot indicates updated notes which are pushed to the top of the list in the left sidebar. Learn more here.
  • Differences: allows you to easily see what's specifically changed in the note itself with all new updates highlighted in purple. Learn more here.
  • Presence: enables you to see who's currently in your note or who's recently accessed, whether it was just for a quick review or to add content to your note. Learn more here.


October Month In Review

  • iOS 4.2.1: the iOS 4.2.1 update resolved a login issue which affected some users who have ADFS for SSO and also allows iOS 11 users to access their files via the Apple Files App!
  • iOS 4.2.2 & 4.2.3: the iOS 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 updates support long-pressing to open content into the Box app and have resolved two critical bugs in which users were being logged out unexpectedly from the Box iOS app and the application prevented users from saving files for offline access.
  • Box Notes Templates: templates allow users to jumpstart their BoxNotes experience by starting a note from a set of default templates or creating a custom template. Learn more here. Learn more here.
  • Dynamic Time Zone Pop-Up: the Dynamic Time Zone Pop-Up is a prompt that informs users they might have the wrong time zone selected based on their location, with instructions to easily correct their time zone. Learn more here.


Coming Soon

  • Log-in Flow Update: if your enterprise uses an SSO provider with Box, users will be taken directly from entering their email to the SSO login page, without being asked for a Box password. Learn more here.
  • Access Stats Interface Refresh: makes it easier than ever to see what’s been happening on a file. Learn more here.
  • Exportable Access Stats: a new feature allows end users with Access Stats permissions to export Access Stats history. Learn more here.
  • Spanish for Latin American Countries: customers with Spanish selected in WebApp settings will be listed as "Español (España)." Customers may select Spanish for Latin America in Account Settings and select "Español (Latino América)." In addition, Box will display a banner that will make it easy for them to switch if they so choose.
  • Box in Hindi and Bengali: web and mobile applications will be available in Hindi and Bengali. Users who choose their native language in our applications become more efficient in Box. Learn more here.


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