Launched: Tags Support in New User Experience

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Tags is now available in the All New Box for web. Users will be able to see previously applied Tags, add new ones, and search for tagged content in the new Box interface.


Planned: Jan 10, 2017

Availability: General Availability

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Could we possibly get a reassurance that the team is working on the feedback re Tags in the new interface? I've encountered and reported numerous issues with Tags, and it would just be nice to believe there's hope it will get better reasonably soon. Thanks!

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@ttwajsb - our thanks to you and to everyone who has provided feedback on the new Box experience and the Tags feature there!


We have no announced updates to Tags at this time, but we are always striving to improve the experience for our customers. Please subscribe to this blog to stay up to date on the latest news and announcements!



And while the Box Community team shares selected conversations and feedback internally from time to time, if you'd like to provide direct feedback you can always submit a case to Box support.


Thanks again for your contributions in the community!

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What specific problems are you seeing with tags?



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I've encountered a half dozen or more oddities and fails, and have
submitted them in the Feedback process. I've not kept track of them (I wish
the Feedback system would recognize my account and email me a copy of the
feedback offered; I suppose I should start keeping a copy/paste record).

The most recent was that Tags should "remember" previously assigned Tags
and autofill as you start to key them in. This would reduce keyboarding
errors. For instance, we presently have to type PocketReady, all 11
characters, individually for each of many documents we want to associate
with that Tag. That is very inefficient and error prone.

There should also be a list of available tags to pick from, as was the case
in the old interface.

Also, in the current Search screen when you click AnyTags you get an
instruction to "Set tags to filter by". I don't want to "set" tags at that
point, I want to select from existing tags when I'm doing a search.

Then, when I "set" the search to PocketReady it doesn't search for them; it
gives me 900 documents, most of which do not have that tag. Currently the
only way to search for a tag is to have memorized (in one's own brain, that
is; there's no Memorize function) a file that uses the tag, search for it,
and click that tag. In that event, after having gone thru those gyrations,
I finally see PocketReady as the "1 Tag" in the search bar as an applied

There are a few of my concerns, for starters. We plan to use Tags as a
fundamental aspect of our Box implementation. That's a key reason we chose
Box back in 2011 as the cloud service we wanted to integrate in a system we
have been developing since then. It was a shock to find Tags were going to
be deprecated in 20***phone number removed for privacy***. We wasted a lot of time trying to implement
Metadata in 2015. Imagine my delight when I saw that the security issues
with the first generation of Tags was resolved and the functionality was
being brought back for the new interface. Imagine my chagrin, though, when
I discovered how quirky and unreliable it was (eg, tags not appearing until
minutes or hours after they were applied, if at all).

I'll look forward to Tags being fully fleshed out in Box. Thanks for asking.
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In Safari we need to type all characters of the tag. In Chrome we can click tab or click the tag that is recalled in the drop down.