Launched: Box Relay!

Box Employee

After much awaited anticipation, Box Relay is now available for purchase for Business Plus and above! Co-developed with IBM, Box Relay allows anyone to easily build, manage and track their own workflows, all with the content management benefits of Box. With Relay, companies can now streamline everyday processes - even those that extend outside the organization - boosting productivity so users can focus on what really matters! For more information about Box Relay, check out our blog!


If you would like to purchase Box Relay, please reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager!

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Hi Bushra,  I have reached out to Box Sales twice today, trying to get a link to sign my company up for Box relay.  Each time I have been promised and email - but received nothing.  


Can you help?


Mike Hicks

Trailblazer Innovations

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I am using Box Relay, and I already have the templates created , however, I have an issue with the due dates and the notifications. 

If I add June 13 as the due date in the system, the notification shows that due date is June 14 , however, system runs overdue and others based on June 13, so, it is causing confusion with the team. 

I also tried adding 2 days of target, however, same issue is presented. Notifications are showing an additional day from the correct target. How  can I resolve it?