Launched: Box Drive v1.7

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In Box Drive v1.7, users now have the ability to Lock and Unlock files through our right-click context menu.   Files will be locked indefinitely until a user unlocks them. Drive's handling of locked files will remain unchanged from earlier versions.  


In addition, a new update experience is being released on Windows. Users will not see this new experience until updating to version 1.8 in the future. In this new experience, users will be alerted of new updates from a one-time system notification and the Box app menu icon will be badged. Updates will be driven by the user after they are available from the Search UI and gear icon context menu, shown below.




Additionally, this version now supports TLS 1.1+ and contains various bug fixes and scalability improvements to enhance our support of larger file trees and resolve performance regressions in v1.6. 

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I hate to split hairs, but Drive 1.7 allows users to lock files. It does not appear to give the user the ability to unlock them. At least not the Mac version. 



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Hey @BobFlynn-IU,


Uh oh, that should not be the case! This happens even with files you recently unlocked?

You should see the option below with the file having a locked red icon. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 4.38.31 PM.png


Sounds like something we need to share with our support team. Can you kindly start a ticket with the affected user and send in the Box Drive logs?


Thanks Bob!

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Thanks, @Howard,


I've already submitted a ticket. I see no indication of a file being locked. That must be the breakdown point.



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Just downloaded Box Drive 1.7.199 on Windows 10. It slows down the Quick Access feature in File Explorer: it worked like a charm before the upgrade (ie: up to last night). Any tips? If I uninstall Box, File Explorer works again. Re-install Box Drive and again File Explorer slows down as soon as a few files are present in recent files.


UPDATE: de-installed 1.7.199, re-installed previous version of Box Drive 1.6.171. Works like a charm again. Please advise on what's going on with the latest updated if you can. 


I've also seen Windows explorer slow down with the most recent Box Drive updates.  Has affected Sql Server Management Studio, when I'm attempting to load a script that I have stored there, or VS Code when trying to 'open a folder' that is on Box Drive.  Previously it had been working great.

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In my view, the Lock / Unlock function still does not operate properly, even in the latest update 1.10.77.  Yes I can lock the file and the icon turns from blue to grey, but other users can still open the file without a prompt to say that its locked and by whom.  I raised this with Box Support when it was released under update 1.7 but they still don't appear to have remedied the issue... very frustrating.

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It is not good that a Box Drive user can open a locked file and only get a notification when trying to save edits! The warning should come when opening a locked file saying that the file is read only and who has it open. Actually, a file should lock automatically when someone opens a file (in edit mode).Box_save_warning.jpgsave