Launched: Box Drive v1.5.233

Box Employee

Users will now be able to add a Box Note to a folder by right clicking the folder and choosing the 'Create Box Note' menu option. This version also includes bug fixes and quality improvement.

New Contributor

I appreciate the information about features added to new releases of Box Drive.  However, "included bug fixes and quality improvements" is so vague that it's unhelpful. Are there more detailed release notes posted somewhere to which you could link? That would be very helpful! (I googled for more detailed release notes, but could not find them.) If no such details are publicly available, you could omit this verbiage. We users assume that a new version will have bug fixes and quality improvements.

Occasional Contributor

I second @neilehavens suggestion, as a developer this is unacceptable documentation for release notes with such a wide user base there really should be more transparency into issues resolved or newly added features so that end users and administrators can test and evaluate and support end users.

New Contributor

Is that the only feature that is added to this new version ?

I see a change in the Icons that appear for Box drive after the Box Drive v1.5.233 Update. 

The Blue and Orange marks are gone.Orange are seen in the folders though now.


I also see that the files are downloaded to my local machine like the Box Sync ?

Is this happening to others as well ?


Do we have the release notes for this version on what other features or bugs that are fixed ?