Launched: Box Drive Beta v1.4

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This version includes bug fixes and quality improvements, but there are no end user facing changes that were made!

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Hi, has this v1.4 been posted? The reason for asking is that I still have not been prompted for the update and my installed version is still sitting at v1.3.124.  I've even tried restarting the Box Update service and re-booting several times.Thanks, David


I have not been prompted to update either. I am on a Mac. @bushra_rahman: Is this release only for Windows?

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This kind of update takes a few days, if not longer, to roll out to all users. It is not platform specific. I suspect they've put the latest version on the download page if you are eager.



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Since updating to 1.4.92 on macOS, I'm consistently seeing >100% CPU usage from the Box Drive app.