Launched: Apple iOS 11 Files App Support

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The new Files app is a way for Apple users to manage their content no matter where files are stored (Box, iCloud, on device, etc.). Box is delivering a seamless integration with the new Files app to enhance the file management experience across iOS and make it incredibly easy for customers to access their Box content from any iOS device.

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Viewing files is still broken (tries to launch Google Drive to view PowerPoint files for example)

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The integration isn’t quite seamless if the Box app on iOS11 is secured via SSO.  It’s totally broken.  Was this tested prior to release?




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I have an other issue with iOS11. After installing the App (iPhone and iPad) shuts down after a few hours and you have to re-sign in to use the App.


Will this be solved in next Update?



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Box enterprise authentication with passcode does not work in IOS11. I esstially cannot use box at this point on my IPad Pro with the files app or with other apps like PowerPoint or excel 

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@Tlankf and others,


If you are having technical issues with the Box application I encourage you to submit tickets to Box Support. This is just the product launch announcement page. If Box Support gets tickets they can follow up with users to get specific details that may help them identify outstanding issues.



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In any support tickets that are raised, you may reference this ticket ID: #1506561.


Within this ticket, I have provided screenshots of the issue, as well as a screen video of it occurring and a long chat history to go with it.




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Nope. Sorry. All I get is stuck in a endless loop of Box saying “authentication required,” switching me over to Box app, nothing happening, rinse and repeat. Obvi there’s an flaw in the authentication process. Has happened on both iPhone and iPad with iOS11 and iOS11.01. 

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Box have confirmed the issue, but no indication of a fix:

"I've checked further and I was able to confirm that organizations who require a passcode on the Box mobile application will not be able to use the Files app integration. This is because there is currently no way to enforce passcode rules on the Files app and we don’t have a way of supporting that feature in our app at the moment.


Apologies for this limitation in our product. No worries, though. I will be sure to forward this to our Product team for further considerations. They are constantly looking for ways to improve Box, so user feedback is very much appreciated."



they say say there is no way to do it, but other cloud storage apps have done it. I thought Box was an enterprise software company....guess not if you’re on iOS11. 

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Today, I installed iOS 11 and apparently the same problem still exists... Any solution? Any suggestion? Would be very much appreciated...



Quick Question:

Is there an appconfig to turn this on by default?