Deprecation: Long Term Support (LTS) Installers for Box Sync - Specific Versions

Box Employee

In July 2017, we released a new version of our Long Term Support Installers for Box Sync on both Mac & Windows -- versions 4.0.7829 (Mac) and 2.0.7829 (Windows).


On November 30, 2017 we will end support for prior versions of our LTS installers for Box Sync. The specific versions that will no longer be supported are 4.0.7725 (Mac), 4.0.4716 (Windows), and 4.0.7572 (Windows-Device Trust only). 


Administrators who utilize our LTS installers for Box Sync deployments can use the new versions immediately and should update as soon as possible. For each new Box Sync release, we will ensure that these supported LTS installers can properly upgrade to the newest version of Box Sync upon launch. 

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I have a lot of end users who are weary of moving away from Box Sync because some of their machines have been unable to fully uninstall from their machines. Please tell me more about how a Long Term Support Installer works? 


Q1: Does a LTS installer get installed on top of Box Sync 4?

Q2: Does a LTS installer have to be uninstalled before Box Drive can be installed?


Thank you for your answers in advance,