Deprecation: Box for Windows Phone, Box for Windows 8, and Box for Windows 10

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As of March 1, 2018, Box will no longer support our Box for Windows Phone, Box for Windows 8, or Box for Windows 10 applications. We are deprecating these three specific Box for Windows applications in order to improve focus on our core mobile and desktop applications. 
As of January 1, 2018, we will remove all three Box for Windows applications from the Microsoft store. On March 1, 2018, we will deprecate the applications and they will no longer be available for use - users who have these applications downloaded will no longer be able to access Box through them. 
Despite deprecating these three Box for Windows applications, we will continue to maintain general support for Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. Box can still be accessed via desktop, web or any other platform that is supported
For users with an Android or iOS device, we recommend installing our applications for these platforms immediately to start taking advantage of the enhanced mobile experiences. If a user is on Windows 10, he/she can continue to access Box via Box Sync or the Box Drive Public Beta If your device is on an alternate platform, we recommend using our mobile web experience to access Box on the go.
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I have a windows 10 pc and laptop running the windows creator update.  Does this mean that I can no longer use box?  And will have to look elsewhere for a storage solution?



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Same question - what is the point of sync if you can't control or access it?

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It sounds like this is just the Microsoft Store versions of the apps.  I believe Box Sync and Box Desktop will still work.

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Yeah, this is only referring to Windows Store apps. It makes sense, because the webapp, Box Sync and Box Drive are all you need in Windows. There's no need to spend development resources on separate apps that are barely used.

So, no worries, @mike3dm and @roseubd982, Box will still be your wonderful storage solution!

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Does this mean the O365 Integrations go away then? Not everyone needs to share files through Box Sync and a lot of us often do a file ->save to Box action with the Microsoft App. I need more visibility into how this affects the SMBs and I already know the owner will have a complete meltdown because we have many External Users (Customers) to share files with our Engineers. Also we are in the middle of a Oracle NetSuite Implementation and are using Box as our repository to avoid excessive Cloud Storage fees with Oracle NetSuite.

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No, it does not.



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as people have stated before, this is not referring to Box for office, Box Sync, Box Drive, Box edit. This is only referring to the Box for windows 10/windows 8 app. If you never went to the windows store and downloaded it then you are not using it.

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@gscalettathen the notice should have stated something about it falling under Box Mobile ->Windows blah blah blah.


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@grasshopper3 I can understand the confusion. I still get a lot of questions about the difference between Windows applications and Windows Store apps.

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From what I have learned in the past 24 hrs , yes Box sync will still work on windows 10 , yes it makes sense that windows phone apps are fading away as windows phones are , perhaps Box needs to be clearer in its releases - I am a native English speaker and an occasional teacher , I had to look up this new version of the word deprecate! It all seemed a lot simpler when mostly useless telephone programs were called apps and fully functional desktop programs were called programs - my guess is that some ponytailed t@$t in marketing thought that calling everything apps would sound "like literally cutting edge dude"


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I actually had a live chat with box this morning and they were unable to answer the question.

It has been escalated up the ranks and i await their confirmation of a badly worded notice.  I even had to send them a copy as they didnt know what i was talking about first.

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I'm not a Box employee, but maybe I can clarify.


Box is saying that they are stopping development of and removing access to the Windows Store (Universal Windows Platform) apps:


"Box" (


"Box for Windows 8" (


These Windows Store Apps are different from the Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Edit, Box for Office, etc. installed Windows Applications that are installed via and EXE or MSI. Windows 10 and Windows 8 are still fine to install any of these EXE or MSI applications, but the Windows Store Apps are going away so that they can focus on Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Edit, Box for Office and any future products.



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do you ever plan to release box drive for windows 8?