Coming Soon: Single File Collaboration

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We’re always looking for ways to improve sharing and collaboration in Box. To make it easier than ever to invite someone to edit a file, we will soon launch the ability to ‘invite collaborators’ to individual files (previously collaborators could only be invited at the folder level.) Learn more here

Note: This feature is officially live and the announcement is made here.

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Looking over the powerpoint,

I see the following:

What permission levels are available when inviting a collaborator to a file?

  * Web: Editor is the only permission level available when inviting a collaborator, howeer you are able to change a collaborator to a “viewer” from the File Collaborations page.

  * Mobile: Editor and Viewer will be available options with Editor as the default option


Why the different processes for the different interfaces? (Consistency, especially with file protections being an acknowledged good thing). Are there plans to make Mobile and Web have the same options?


Thanks! --Gretchen


I  see that collaborated files will show up in the user's All Files area.  I've had users complain about the clutter that just having folders show up under All Files and I agree that it does create a certain degree of clutter that the user has no control over.  I can imagine that having individual files is just going to add to that clutter and user frustration.  Has Box considered having collaborated items grouped in a collaboration folder, similar to Google's "Shared with me" folder?  


Release date?

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I sent invite to a bunch of collaborators to access a document in order to edit one single documents by many users.

They are editors - but cant seem to edit the document

pls could you tell me how to solve the problem asap ?



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Box Certified Professional

Agree it is not working for us either.  Invites are sent.  Unable to edit.

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We've noticed the same thing -- oddly, if you give the file editor Upload or Preview access to the file, they can then edit it. 


Even without the "edit" permissions, they can change the filename (although the metadata does not update to show a new Updated by or Updated least not in my experiments).  We've put in a ticket, I hope everyone else who has noticed has done the same.

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Are you looking for all editors to simultaneously edit the document? That's supported for Box Notes and MS Office files with Office Online.

For other document types, editors must  need to be opened for editing in the appropriate folder, either with Box Edit or downloaded.

If your collaborators or trying to do the later, you should open a ticket with Box Support so they can help.