Coming Soon: Re-Adding List of Tags in Tags Modal

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We'll be making minor improvements to Tagging content in Box, specifically by adding a visual list of tags to pick from after clicking 'Add / Edit Tags' for an item.

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This is great!  Two follow-up questions:  what is the ETA and do you have any suggestions on how to create a "tag dictionary" of sorts in the meantime?


We are a new start-up company with an extensive lexicon filled with synonyms and I'm fearful our team will unintentionally create a disorganized mess if we don't restrict their tag options immediately.


EJfromMT, I'm wondering what solution you arrived at for providing synonyms for your users.  We have just purchased Box and I'm working on a policy and implementation and wondering how to handle the different works people may use for the same thing.

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When will we have this option? It looks like it's only an option for admins but we'd like to share our list of tags with our whole team.

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How do I view the tags of an active folder?

  • In other words, before navigating into a folder, the user CAN view the tags associated with that folder. However, once inside of the folder, how does the user know what tags that folder has?


ANSWER: Trick question Smiley Very Happy

  • the user CANNOT view tags associated with a folder into which he has navigated and is currently viewing.


Picture illustrations of the problem:


The Tags Needing To Be Seen




Box- Tag Issue_Page_2.jpg

After Navigating INTO the target folder

      the tags are NOT visible

Box- Tag Issue_Page_3.jpg

Picture Illustrations of Possible solutions:

Example 1 (of a place to display the active folders tags)

Box- Tag Issue_Page_6.jpg

Example 2 (of a place to display the active folders tags)


Box- Tag Issue_Page_8.jpg



I believe you have never received feedback about this issue because it is an aggravation which people somehow just deal with by navigating back up to the parent folder just to view the tags.  But if a user needs to keep looking at the tags, then  he needs them readily available; in which case the users only 'quick' fix to this problem is to duplicate the current tab, then go to the parent folder, then switch back and forth between the tabs. .... all just to view the tags associated with the older.  X(  Poor user experience. 


By the time a person is finished with the above process, they are ready to just get on with the rest of their job, and finish dealing with box; they don't want to spend MORE time giving you feedback (ie searching the forums to see if anyone else has had this issue, trying to call you on the phone, and finally finding the proper way to submit the ticket - which I have already done at,%20Folder,%20Descri...).

Fortunately for you, my job requires me to be on box all day everyday for the next few weeks, so I am your not-so-beta tester, and to me ... spending this time giving you feedback is worth my time Smiley Happy



Power Point with illustrationsof how to fix the issue: