Coming Soon: New filtering options for the 'Folders & Files' Report within the Admin Console

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Update: This feature has been launched! Check out our launch announcement here:

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We will be adding three filter options to the 'Folder & Files' report within the admin console. As an admin, you will be able to filter by user or group in addition to selecting a specific folder. The new filter options will allow admins to pull more granular reports. 

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You know, I see changes like this and changing the shade of blue on the website and I think, "This is Box doing more Bike Shedding."

Twice we've had all of our files on the enterprise disappear because people accidentally deleted the box sync folder or a personal folder that contained it. This is a data security problem -- the ONE job Box should have completely nailed down. Right now permissions are not grainular enough to prevent accidental deleting and people can be given either too secure (no creating or updating files) or too insecure (delete files). There are multiple threads on the forums talking about this issue and how Box has not responded to the feature request.


Another example of something that needs fixing isselective syncing Box Sync. The image at is telling, and would seem to suggest "syncing the world". As an engineer in my enterprise, I do not need to sync accounting, marketing, customer support, and other materials. When I'm on the go I need to have just a few select engineering folders synced ... anything else I might rarely access can be had through


These are not features worth waiting for, they should have been part of an initial offering. I encourage Box to take a hard look at its prioritization of features, get the customers what we need, lest we (my enterprise at least) start looking at our options.

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I'm not sure I follow your point about selective syncing. Are you saying one shouldn't have selective syncing? I don't see any sync the world in the page you pointed to. Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong image or missing your point.


As for the permission levels to prevent users from deleting content via Sync, perhaps a more fundamental reexamination of the use of Sync is in order. The purpose of Box Sync is not to be a local drive to one's Box content, though that is how many users use it. Box Sync is primarliy intended for offline access to content and files requiring frequent access. This is why when you install Sync it syncs nothing. You have to select, hopefully with some discretion, only those subfolders that meet those criteria. The 'local drive' use of Box Sync is in trainwreck waiting to happen for a service that gives many users unlimited storage. I have far too many users dork their hard drives by syncing everything.


We also use permission levels to control sync access to specific, usually, sensitive content. Inviting users as Viewer Uploader will not only prevent deletion of content, but will also prevent them from syncing it at all.


I realize that engineered solutions have a long history of coming up against human nature. Box can preach all it wants about how Sync should be used and people will use it however they like. While that doesn't necessarily make it Box's problem to fix, it doesn't wash their hands of it either.


When Box for Desktop (BfD) is released later this year it will give an alternative to the 80+% of Sync users (a guess based on my user base) who want that mapped drive. Then you'll be able to give desktop access and prevent deletion by dropping users to Viewer Uploader. v2 of BfD is supposed to include offline access, driven from the endpoint, and that will allow more selective use of Sync.


Of course whether users use these tools as intended, that's another story.


I am in full agreement that there are issues with the Editor permission level. Editor simply does not strike the right balance. The simplest example is that I often don't want my editors to move content. There are solid business cases to allow someone to sync content locally, but not delete it, or move it, or be able to monkey with the folder settings, or...


As for the subject of this thread, the filtering on folders and files, that is FAR from bikeshedding. As an admin for a Box enterprise of over 100K users, this is something I and my fellow admins have been asking for for years. It is the difference between 10 min on a forensic search and two hours.





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A question on how to keep updated on this feature. Will you update this article when the feature is available?

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Hi @elanters!


We'll update this post when the feature is released, and post a "Launched" announcement to this Product News blog.


Also if you subscribe to the blog you can receive notifications of new announcements!

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Box: We will be adding three filter options to the 'Folder & Files' report within the admin console. As an admin, you will be able to filter by user or group in addition to selecting a specific folder. The new filter options will allow admins to pull more granular reports. 


When will this capability be available?

Thank you.


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It is available now. NOTE: The selecting a specific folder filter is currently useless as it only gives the folders of the user you are logged in as (your admin or co-admin) to choose from. But the filter by user or group is great.