Coming Soon: Box for iOS 4.3.5 EMM

Box Employee

In this release we have made the following enhancements and fixed the following bugs:

  • You can now see your folder listing loads faster!
  • A smoother experience scrolling through images is smoother in Image Galleries
  • Fixed txt and audio files in Preview for previewer-only shared-link users
  • An improved Search performance for users
  • We officially support high-resolution zooming on HEIC files
  • Fixed an issue in which Recent files from the Today extension should go to Preview
  • Fixed an issue in which the Preview toolbar did not disappear during Preview mode
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes video files were not able to be previewed
  • Fixed the HLS Video Preview bug!
  • We have updated our PDF previewer, which should fix bugs with some PDF documents and documents which we preview as PDF in the app
  • The new EMM App will be using a newer Box API for previews