Coming Soon: Box for EMM 4.2.7 (iOS)

Box Employee

With the new update that will be available soon to users you will see the following:

・Ability to access your files in the new Apple Files app on iOS 11
・Added the ability to preview photos taken in the new High Efficiency Image File Format (on iOS 11 and newer)
・Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

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- When will it be available?

- Does it have "Push Notification" feature?

Community Manager

Hi @kazunoriObata,


At this time we do not have a release date yet for Box for EMM 4.2.6. We will have more details in our next "Launched" post about what features are available in the next version.

Box Employee
Hi All, We have released Box for EMM 4.2.7! Box found stability issues with Box for EMM 4.2.6 and released an improved version which is now available.