Coming Soon: Box Tools V4 + UI Changes

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In early March, we will be releasing Box Tools version 4.0 (Box Edit and Box Device Trust). This version contains architecture changes that move us away from our reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and performant foundation.  This new version includes once again supporting private/incognito browsers, some minor changes to the user interface, and our usual bug fixes and stability improvements. 
Please note that with this new version, the minimum system requirements for Box Tools will be changing.  These new system requirements must be in place for existing users before the early March automatic update to version 4.0.  You can find more information regarding the new requirements here

This is great! I am looking forward to this update, specifically the architecture changes that move away from the reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and performant foundation!


@bushra_rahman - Is this update for Mac and Windows, or only one of them? Thanks!

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Hi @acivory!

This change will be for both Mac and Windows! Smiley Happy

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1) could you please provide more details on "reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and performant foundation"?

2) Will the version update automatically? Will there be difference between .msi and .exe version?

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Hi @hsandy!


1) In v3 of Box Tools, the web app uses browser cookies to make connections to the local machine and communicate with Box Edit and Device Trust. This update will enable the web browser to connect directly to Box's Local Com Server without the need of using cookies.

2) When Box Tools v4 is released, existing users v3 should be automatically updated to the latest version. There will still be an .msi and an .exe version for Windows, with one being a machine-wide deployment and the other be a user-specific deployment. 

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Hi @alan123


Thank you.

1) Will there be performance improvement or any change that existing users v3 can feel?

2) Is there any requirement change to VDI clients?

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Will the .msi be available prior to the release so that its release can be scheduled on managed computers (such as university lab machines?)



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Hi @hsandy


1) There will be performance improvements, but most of these would happen in the background. So the user experience shouldn't change in any way, and users shouldn't notice any major differences from v3.

2) The VDI clients will need to meet the same system requirements as noted here: