Coming Soon: Box Relay

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We announced a new product, jointly developed with IBM called Box Relay, allowing anyone to build, track and manage workflows in real-time, resulting in a far more efficient and consistent experiences for every process. Box Relay eliminates the need to switch between systems by providing a workflow solution on the platform enterprises already trust to manage all of their work and gives people all of the security and collaboration benefits of Box.


Planned: 2017

Availability: General Availability

For more information see the following:

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Hello Howard,


Can you tell me when will this feature be released?  We already live in Box and this feature will be a significant enhancement.





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Hi Mike, Thanks for the follow up. Box Relay will be released in the next week on Nov. 13th!
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Thanks.  Is this only available on the Enterprise plan or will Business users be able to access this new feature?


thanks - Mike


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Sorry, when I create a task in Box Relay I assigned a date, however, notification to the task owner showns another date (1 date after the date I set). How can I ask for help on this?