Coming Soon: Box Edit v3.5.3.383

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In Box Edit version v3.5.3.383, Device Trust domain checks will become compatible with Azure AD domains! We will also including additional bug fixes and stability improvements in this build!


Please tell me that some of the bug fixes and stability improvements include the fact that ever once in a while the internet browser doesn't recognize that Box Edit IS installed and wants the user to install it again? Also, the fact that the Box Local Comm file suddenly quits, and therefore Box Edit doesn't work. We have had this issue over and over, and every time I submit a ticket about it, support isn't very helpful and asks the same questions about browser usage, cookies, etc., when I have told them over and over that our browsers, network, etc., all meet Box's requirements. I have yet another user at my company that had this same issue again today. Sometimes restarting the computer "fixes" the problem, and other times I have to uninstall Box Edit (including the App Data files) and then re-install, which is very time consuming. Thanks.

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We also have the issue were the browser doesn't recognize that Box Edit is installed and wants the user to install it again.

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Hello @acivory


Thank you for your Community Post!


We are always improving Box Edit with every update, having said that we integrate with Operating Systems, Web browsers, and Desktop Programs which are constantly updating as well and it is difficult to predict how changes in other products will affect our Box Edit product. 


It is always a good idea to provide Browser, Operating System, and Program versions in a Support Ticket so we can address potential new bugs or common setting requirements. 





Hi @ischlesinger,


Thank you for your response. I have submitted a number of tickets over the months on behalf of my employees (regarding these issues with Box Edit) and each time the end "result" is that there is no reason Box can give me as to why these issues happen. Time after time I answer Box's questions about operating systems, browsers, cookies, submitting logs, etc., and in the end, I never get an actual answer/solution to the problem. I know it is not just me/my company because there are other people out there on this community that have the exact same issues.


As a Product Manager myself, I understand that there are priorities of what is being worked on and improved upon, but it would be nice to simply have an answer like "Box knows about XYZ issue and they are working on resolving it" rather than Box support just asking me the same questions over and over about my operating system and making sure my browser is up to date and cookies are turned on.



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I agree. I have also opened a support ticket, and was told "I can confirm that this is an issue that our engineering team will fix with the next update of Box Edit 4". This is obviously not release 4, but this is a huge problem. I run an engineering firm, and our day-to-day business is mostly CAD and BIM files, not Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. The ability top open files from box with our desktop programs is a must for us.