Coming Soon: Box Drive v1.7

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In Box Drive v1.7, users now have the ability to Lock and Unlock files through our right-click context menu.   Files will be locked indefinitely until a user unlocks them. Drive's handling of locked files will remain unchanged from earlier versions.  


In addition, a new update experience is being released on Windows. Users will not see this new experience until updating to version 1.8 in the future. In this new experience, users will be alerted of new updates from a one-time system notification and the Box app menu icon will be badged. Updates will be driven by the user after they are available from the Search UI and gear icon context menu, shown below.




Additionally, this version now supports TLS 1.1+ and contains various bug fixes and scalability improvements to enhance our support of larger file trees and resolve performance regressions in v1.6. 

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any word on offline capability?

Community Manager

Hey @purdoml1,


If you're talking about Mark for Offline, this won't be in the current beta versions. Stay tuned when we have more info on that specific feature.