Coming Soon: Box Drive v1.6

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Various bug fixes and updated metrics framework will be included in this release. No End user facing changes.


@bushra_rahman - I'm curious why we are getting notifications about Box Drive v1.6 when v1.5 hasn't even been released yet. Does this mean that v1.5 is going to be skipped and go straight to v1.6?

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@bushra_rahman This is quite the odd announcement as there are many important features in 1.5 that we are desperately looking forward to.

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Hi @mkarich and @acivory,

Box Drive 1.5 is currently in the process of being rolled out to our users. It will not be skipped, but 1.6 will be available to users shortly after to include more bug fixes. Rest assured that v1.5 will get fully rolled out soon! I will post that as soon as I know it is 100% released.



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Hi @mkarich and @acivory,


Box Drive 1.5 is fully launched to all users! Smiley Happy


@bushra_rahman My Box Drive is still showing version 1.4.92. Do I need to restart Box Drive for it to update? I also just checked my Windows computer and it too is on 1.4.92.



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 do you have a release date for Drive 1.6? Please not that for drive 1.5 there was no notification for users that the update ended and their drive is up to date.

Some of the users in my organisation had to login after the update has finished as the app did not restart automatically after the update.





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Hi @Ghoussoub,



We do not have a release date yet for 1.6 but if you do have trouble installing Box Drive 1.5, please check out our installers here: 


If you have any issues with any updates, you can always submit a ticket with our support team here. 

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Any idea on when the beta will end and this product will actually be a production product?

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Can I please see a list of updates in both Box Drive 1.5.233 and 1.6.171?? 


We just got users upgraded to 1.5.233 and now we are getting the message for 1.6.  I just want to know what has improved/fixed/changed.  Our main hurdle with BOX Drive in inadequate file locking for multiple users.  We need to be notified when we OPEN a file that it is locked, not after we make our changes. Plus the creating multiple copies of a file is very cumbersome.  I've ask for a feature of setting to automatically lock files at open and unlock at close.  Even on the web box. com we have to manually lock and unlock which causes extra steps. 

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Hi @mmarti13,


You can check out all our Box Drive announcements here for 1.6 and 1.5:


As for further updates on feature requests such as the lock/unlock feature, you may want to contact your CSM or the CA team to share your feedback.

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I'm sorry but I see no details on the link you provided above.  All I see is a general sentence listed below. What am missing in this links for the specific  bugs that are fixed in Box Drive 1.6: 


Various bug fixes and updated metrics framework were included in this release. No End user facing changes.