Coming Soon: Box Drive v1.5.228

Box Employee

We are adding new functionality to Box Drive for our users! Soon, users will be able to add a Box Note to a folder by right clicking the folder and choosing the 'Create Box Note' menu option! This version update for Box Drive also includes bug fixes and quality improvement.

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When do you anticipate moving Box Drive out of Beta?

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What about ability to work offline and lock docs?

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Hi Bushra, 


Are there any indications as to when Box Drive will be officially released (i.e. moving out of Beta and letting the files have the ability to work offline?) 





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Hi @teee@phugel, and @1237777,



This release for Box Drive 1.5.228 will address the issue with field windows not being respected or maintained in the finder window.


Box Drive will launch out of beta in the coming quarter. We do not have an announced date for launch, but our team is working on these features (lock and offline). Appreciate your eagerness and we'll have more updates posted in this blog when we get closer to GA!

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Thanks Howard for the update! 


Looking forward to the offline functionality Smiley Very Happy

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Can you confirm if adds Server 2012/2016 support? if not, something in the roadmap?


Reading from the notes, it only support Windows 7 and 10 and for large deployment scenarios lots of customers use virtual desktop/application solutions and some are shared desktops (multiple user one server).




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Is there a launch date for 1.5?  There are several open issues in have with 1.4.9 that are pending the release of 1.5, which has now been coming soon for a month.

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I am looking forward to the working offline function.