Coming Soon: Box Drive Beta v.1.2

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Update: This has been launched. Check out the post here!


Coming soon will be a new version of our Box Drive Beta, v.1.2. This version includes macOS 10.13 High Sierra support, improved quality of auto-updates, performance improvements at start-up, and other bug fixes. We highly encourage current users to update when available for the best experience of the product. 


Is there any update on this? I installed the GM of High Sierra today and it broke Box Drive for me Smiley Sad

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What is the ETA on this, High Sierra is out 9/25 and I've been testing it for a month now and sorely missing box drive.

I feel the same way ☹
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I've hacked Box Drive to work with APFS & High Sierra.

I'm looking forward to official support. How can we be notified when the 1.2 beta is released?


- Cheers


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How did you do that? Can you elaborate?



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If you go do the downloads page it appears to have been updated.  I know have: Version 1.2.93

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Error: Box Drive "The installed version of FUSE..."


Box Drive Version 1.2.93 with macOS 10.13 High Sierra support:


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HAving an issue with this release, not showing the security popup for the system extension
was going to try and enable via kextload but i'm not seeing the extension.

`Security & Privacy.png

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where I can find the release notes for 1.2.93?


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I am having the exact same issue as Crowbar mentioned. It prompts us to allow, but the System Preferences does not show this. Any workarounds or fixes for this?

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I was having Crowbars issue as well... In Terminal, run sudo /Library/"Application Support"/Box/uninstall_box_drive



Re-install latest Box Drive beta - worked for me.

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I've upgraded to this release on two Macs, both running High Sierra.


In previous versions of Box Drive, the free space on the volume was a really large amount (Enterprise license).

With this release, the amount of free space shown in the Box volume is slightly below the amount of free space for my computer hard drive.


Because of this, when I try and copy over "large" folders, I get an error about there not being enough free space to copy.