Coming Soon: Access Stats Updates

Box Employee

Previously this summer we announced there would be two major changes to access stats. We are excited to announce that we are releasing both updates this spring and users will see this in their accounts. 

For more information regarding both of these updates, check out their respective announcements:

New Contributor
I could be way off here, and maybe this is an incremental update leading to what I believe will be useful, but I just don't see the importance (relatively speaking) of exporting metrics about a single file. What make complete sense however, is to provide end users with a mechanism to get this same type of info at the FOLDER level for all files in that folder. It's not feasible in a large enterprise to have Box Admins taking one-off requests from End users who want metrics on the file access stats from within folders!
Occasional Contributor
+1 for the need for folder level access stats. I've had some requests recently for info on what files in a folder are accessed the most, thus the need for folder level access stats.

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+1 - FOLDER level access stats. AND please make FOLDERS reportable on user activities, not just per user or group. 


I've always been more interested in find out which files have NOT been accessed.  I feel it is periodically important to remove content that is no longer being used.  Is there a way to do this?