Coming Soon: Access Stats Interface Refresh

Box Employee

We’re refreshing the Access Stats feature in the new web experience to make it easier than ever to see what’s been happening on a file, including:

  • Adding in 'Edit' and 'Comment' as additional activity types in Access Stats
  • Streamlining the Access Stats pop-up interface and totals
  • Allowing you to see more than the most recent 50 entries in the pop-up feed, and showing you recent updates in the right sidebar

More information and a detailed before and after comparison here.

First-time Contributor

I have a question about the new access stats. Will the overall download stat will continue to count up indefinitely (the way they do now)? We use these stats to report the number of file downloads for training materials we create and we are just trying to figure out if we need to remember to export the stats every year or if the stats will continue counting up until the file is removed.