Available: Box for Office v4.3.1217 & v4.4.1221

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Note: Existing users will slowly begin to update to this new version through the end of May.


Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 is now available for download here. New users will default to this version, existing users will not be automatically updated to this new build immediately.


This version reverts a change made in the prior release (Box for Office v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220) that defaulted Microsoft Office programs to use IE 11 via the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry keys - Please see additional background below.


This change in the prior release inadvertently affected other Microsoft Office add-ins. Unfortunately, due to limitations with our update process, we cannot revert back to the last set value. In order to prevent future issues, the new release to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 will delete the Microsoft Office program registry values from the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry keys.


Admins who set Microsoft Office programs to use a non-default web browser control in the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION registry keys prior to installing Box for Office v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220, may need to re-set their non-default web browser control after updating to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and if you have any questions, please reach out to the Box User Services team.


In the prior release, Box for Office v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220, we forced Microsoft Office programs to use IE 11 for any web browser controls used by the Office program. This was done by adding the Microsoft Office program executables (WinWord.exe, POWERPNT.EXE, outlook.exe, and EXCEL.EXE) as registry values under the following registry keys and setting the value data to be "11001":



For more information on the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION settings, please read here.
By default, the Office program values do not exist under the keys above.


The update to Box for Office v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221 will delete the values (WinWord.exe, POWERPNT.EXE, outlook.exe, and EXCEL.EXE) from the locations above and revert the Microsoft Office programs back to using the default web browser control.

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Hi Bushra,


Just wanted to find out how this release differs from the 4.2.1221 release which also reverts the FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION change.    This appears to be the same update!



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Also, you say to "download here" but there is no link to download here.



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Also, you mention  "v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221" in the first part of the posting and " v4.3.1217/v4.4.122" in several other references.

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When you state "existing users will not be automatically updated to this new build immediately" what is the time frame for existing users to get the update.  We have been waiting for this resolution since late Feb 2018.

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Hi Bushra,


Is this a new release?  It has the same release notes as the previous 4.2.1221 release.



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Hi all,

Apologies for the confusion here and I'll be happy to help clarify the Box for Office releases:


v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220: This release added the browser emulation registry values that forced Microsoft Office programs to use IE 11 for any web views used by Office add-ons.


v4.1.1215/v4.2.1221: This was originally going to be the release that reverted the registry changes from v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220. However, an issue was found during our QA testing. This release was cancelled and the changes were rolled into the next version below.


v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221.0: This release reverts the registry changes from v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220 and is available for download now. More details on how the registry changes will be reverted can be found in https://community.box.com/t5/Box-Product-News/Coming-Soon-Box-for-Office-v4-3-1217-amp-v4-4-1221/ba-.... We do not plan on releasing v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221.0 via auto-update until sometime next week. We will post an update to our Product News Blog when we start the auto-update for v4.3.1217/v4.4.1221.0. The reason why we are delaying the auto-update is to make sure customers have ample time to test the revert of the registry changes as it may cause issues for customers who have set a custom value for the browser emulation before the update to v4.1.1212/v4.2.1220.

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I've updated several users that have outlook crashing when using the box add-on and this has not stopped the crashing and automatic disabling of the add-in. This add-in is critical to our users, most of which, are still running windows 7. Please advise