Announcement: Box Tools v4 Update

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Note: There has been a change in schedule for this release. For more information see here.
All users will be updated automatically to Box Tools v4 (Box Edit and Box Device Trust) starting  Monday, March 19th and completing on Thursday March 22nd.  No actions are needed from admins or end users to complete the update.
  • Windows users on .NET Frameworks lower than 4.5.2 will be updated to Box Tools v4.0.10
  • Windows users on .NET Frameworks equal to or greater than 4.5.2 will be updated to Box Tools v4.1.9
  • Mac users will be updated to Box Tools v4.0.5
There are no functionality differences between these versions outside of the .NET Framework they support.  All of these versions are currently available for download as a part of the Early Access Program (EAP) here.
Box Tools v4 contains architecture changes that move us away from our reliance on browser cookies and onto a much more stable and scalable foundation.  This new version includes once again supporting private/incognito browsers & some minor changes to the user interface.  There are new system requirements that must be in place for existing users to ensure a seamless experience.  You can find more information regarding the new requirements here
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Is there anyway for us to block the update?


We have more testing required for Windows 7 devices (win10 seems fine) and the Mac version I've already complained about :-/



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Do you have screenshots of the update process? will the users be prompted to upgrade?

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@rjain - Users will not be prompted to update and have no required actions. Will be completely silent unless you are using Safari, in which case you will need to manually enable an extension. There are dialogs to help facilitate that with users.