Box Local San Francisco: Recap + Follow Up Actions

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Box Local San Francisco: Recap + Follow Up Actions






IT heroes from across industries, across the size spectrum and all across the Bay Area came to network and learn from each other at the Box Local San Francisco event on August 17, and it was awesome!


Attendees: This thread is your way of continuing the conversation from our in-person event! Check out "Follow Up Actions" below on how to pick up where you left off.


Below are high-level notes from the exciting event. To respect the privacy of attendees and of information shared in the room, we won't share detailed notes on this public forum. Please email with specific questions and follow ups.


  • Customer Portal: Several rethinking how to upgrade and leverage Box in the build; exchanged considerations and progress
  • Metadata for Security and Automation: Linked up CRM with Box and working well; set up webhooks for time card processing and working on getting more extensive reporting
  • Box Deployment Best Practices:
    • Get management buy-in before deploying technology
    • Get legal / compliance's buy-in before deployment or else you will need to re-build and re-deploy
    • Understand that software - including Box - requires more than just "the launch"; should follow up with and repeat communication and training
    • Think about different change management methods for different departments, such as white-glove training for select groups, videos and regular lunch-and-learns to train and update
    • From Day 1, integrate into business process and not introduce as a isolated technology
    • Post overview, benefits and training material on internal portals
    • Cut-off access to unsanctioned technology
  • Termination Automation: Use SSO to manage with active directory roles and permissions; exchanged best practices around how to manage people that try to delete or move content before they leave the company
  • Moving Off File Shares: Several have already completed migration to Box; some have servers as redundancy, others do not; had Crypto attack but never a Box outage
  • New Box UI: Those who have migrated have not had complaints; some would like to pilot in sandbox to develop training
  • Integrations Discussed: Docurated, Okta, Workday, Microsoft
  • Machine Learning - Topics Discussed:
    • Architecture of passing image to Google
    • Admin capabilities: Deploy per-folder? Managed by admins vs folder owner?
    • Application based on classification, ie PII
    • Custom dictionary of terms
    • Ability and need for scanning and imaging of existing files already in Box


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Action 2: When posting comments below, we recommend you post your name and what company you are with. This way your peers and other attendees can @mention you on the community to ask you a question or have an online conversation here.

Please also post in the comments below if you:

  • Have (a) question(s) about what we discussed on day-of
  • Have another question you want to pose to your peers
  • Have follow up material that you could share on what we talked about
  • Have feedback on the May 3 event or recommendations for the next event
  • ... and other thoughts!


Action 3: If you haven't already, look for the post-event email from "The Box Team" and complete the survey. This is how we can improve these in-person gatherings for you.

As we talked about during our event, Box Local will only work if you all contribute to it - if you share your experience with others and also ask questions to others! We are pointing all attendees to this post, so let the conversation continue! The power to keep this going is in your hands.

We are also starting to plan for our next Box Local event in the Bay Area. If you are interested in attending, speaking or hosting, email us at

See you soon!