Box Local Bay Area on January 23: Update + Recap

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Box Local Bay Area on January 23: Update + Recap



Now that the Box Local Bay Area community has outgrown our San Francisco office, we will be hosting our next event at Box HQ in Redwood City!


Box customers: Come join to meet other IT pros from around the Bay Area who are also working on content management and learn what their plans and goals are for 2018. As Box Locals are customer-to-customer networking communities, this event is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and problem-solve together.


At the event, we also have an exciting customer speaker as well as Ciara Peter, senior director of product management at Box, to talk through key products for 2018.


Register today to attend Box Local Bay Area on January 23!

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Re: Box Local Bay Area regroups on January 23 at Box HQ

Many, many thanks to Brynna Donn from Intuit for sharing the Intuit journey with Box to-date! While Intuit may be one of the most well known brands in personal finance, the goals the company is working to achieve and the part that IT plays in enabling those goals resonated strongly with Box Local Bay Area attendees from a diverse array of industries.


The group, which spanned a rainbow variety of industries as well as from companies of all sizes, had great conversations around questions they are working to untangle as well as projects they are tackling in 2018, including -

  • Driving adoption for Box across the entire company 
  • Mass migrating data best practices and vendors
  • Achieving GDPR compliance
  • Building a custom UX on top of Box
  • Integrating other tools with Box, such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Confluence
  • Managing sensitive data in Box with retention policies
  • Box Notes use cases + templates
  • Box Skills use cases + beta access
  • Change management for Box Drive deployment


Folks that joined us at Box Local Bay Area: Any other key takeaways? Any follow up questions for your peers?


Also, we are planning our next in-person event for the April timeframe; any particular topic you want to talk about with your peers? Anyone interested in leading the group in conversation?


Last by not last, on behalf of the Box Product Team, thank you for visiting Box HQ! Our PMs found it incredibly useful to hear directly from you - our valued customers - about what business goals you're working on and how we can think about evolving our roadmap to support you.


Until next time, keep the conversation going here! This space is yours! 

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Re: Box Local Bay Area regroups on January 23 at Box HQ

Hi, do you know when the next Box Local meeting will be held?  

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Re: Box Local Bay Area regroups on January 23 at Box HQ

Hi @lydiawalker !


We are firming up details for our next event as we speak. We expect the next Box Local Bay Area to be towards the end of this month or the beginning of next. Kindly stay tuned.