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Box customers unite! 
Box User Groups are events for customers to get together to network, learn from each other and celebrate the innovative work you're doing. 
Our goal is not to make these events and conversations all about Box; our goal is to enable content management discussions - the challenges you're facing; your goals and objectives and, as a collective local group, how you can help each other solve problems and thrive. 
Upcoming Box User Groups
We have great customer speakers lined up at both events as well as plenty of time for networking! All Box customers welcome. Register to join us today! 
Reflecting back, we've actually been hosting Box User Groups informally over the last year or so. Seeing the great feedback you - our customers - have shared about these events, we've decided to double-down and bring more User Groups to you... both in-person in cities around the globe as well as online here on Box Community. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! 
As we are building out a stronger program, we'd love your feedback! Tell us what you want to see from an event that is designed to help you network and learn from your peers in your city. Also, would you like to get involved to speak, host or attend? Email us at! 

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