BoxWorks 2017: Let's share notes!

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Wow it's finally here! We are so excited to see you in person at BoxWorks 2017.

Please make sure to swing by the BoxStars booth (2nd floor of Moscone West) to say hello to your peers and get some swag!


If you're not able to attend, fear not!

We will be replying on this blog post our key takeaways from BoxWorks and share what everyone is seeing.


In Person Attendees: Share your thoughts and insights from BoxWorks sessions with others by replying here on this blog post. Your mobile experience should be much easier to use, thanks to the new Box Community upgrade!


Remote Attendees: Visit this blog  post during BoxWorks to see what other folks are doing! Kudo their post and comment with your questions!


Let's help each other get the most of BoxWorks and celebrate together!

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Box Skills and Box Graph - the excited world of Artificial Intelligence in Box. Image recognition available in Beta now, for audio and video in 2018!

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KeyNote chat with Brian Chesky and Aaron Levie, talking about how businesses can digitally scale!

Tomorrow will be with Neil deGrasse Tyson! What other sessions have been exciting for the people here at BoxWorks? 


 Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.06.18 PM.png

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Loving it!

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Box Skills and Box Graph are something I've been waiting for! Thank you for making it happen, I also like the "Opt-In" feature!!! Finally, I have control of my Box environment! 

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Liked the keynote with Box Skills and Graphs 

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Hi everyone,


here are my notes from BoxWorks 2017.  Hope y'all find them productive and good luck!


BoxWorks 2017 Key Learnings - B. Wong


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Great opportunity to interact with Box developers!

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Great security session earlier today: ‘Don’t fall in the Security Gap’. Lots of key learnings and best practices for anyone new to Box administration. 

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Great conference.  Would attend  again

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Hi all!


It was wonderful to meet so many Box Community members and BoxStars last week, to hear about how you're leveraging Box, and to listen to your feedback!


You can also see the Best of BoxWorks17 videos and content, now available here:


If you weren't able to attend BoxWorks this year, or want to share the excitement with a colleague, we have some upcoming virtual and local events to help you out - take a look at


Looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully before BoxWorks18!


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Box Skills was the talk of BoxWorks. What a buzz! Machine learning, image recognition and audio-visual analysis at your fingertips! Wow!