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We've been incredibly encouraged by the number of customers who come out to Box Local events globally as well as the dynamic and thoughtful conversations that happen at these peer-to-peer gatherings. Our vision for Box Local has always been that these are communities for Box customers and content management strategists to come together to network, learn and thrive together. You, our amazing customers, have come out in droves to live this vision with us.


With great momentum supporting its growth, we are excited to officially unlock Box Local ownership to our valued customers.


Over the last year, we have built the necessary resources to enable and support our customers in starting and fostering a community with their peers in their local city, and we are ready to share those resources with you!


We currently have Box Local chapters in a number of cities worldwide. If you do not see a Box Local chapter in your city and are interested in starting one OR taking a leadership role in an existing Box Local chapter, please email the Box Local Team to learn about next steps.


Box Local was always meant to be for customers and by customers, and this is the beginning of that tradition. We cannot wait to see all the Box Local chapters flourish!

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 I am interested in become local chapter leader. what is the process and how does it work. live in Fremont, CA and work at San Jose, CA. using box at work.

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Hi @hgadmin - Thank you for your interest! We have an application process for interested Box Local Chapter Leaders as well as an onboarding process. I'll email you directly to share details and talk next steps. Thanks!
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Go ahead and send details for setting up in Houston, Texas.


Your site is broken. If you navigate here: and then try and click "Join a Box Local near you" nothing happens. 


The reason is the web developer accidentally typed a "j" in the URL for the link "j"

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Thanks for the pointer. We've fixed the link; appreciate the call out!