Box Local Chicago: Recap + Follow Up Actions

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Box Local Chicago: Recap + Follow Up Actions



Thank you to everyone that joined us at Box Local Chicago on August 24!  I'm encouraged by the smart people we had in the room that were all sharing interesting ways they were making work easier at their respective companies. 


We can continue the conversations between events by using this thread. See "Follow Up Actions" below for instructions. 


Below are high-level notes from this recent Box Local Chicago event. To respect the privacy of attendees and of information shared in the room, detailed notes are not shared on this public forum. Please email with specific questions and follow ups.


Box Drive Public Beta 

  • Concerns: Linked spreadsheets / file path still does not work yet; can't edit collaborator permissions in Drive (vs web app)
  • Excited about getting space on hard drive back
  • Lots of interest for "mark for offline" access and file locking 

New Web Experience 

  • General excitement for new Excel previewer
  • Like the ability to choose your own home page (All Files, Favorites or Recents view) 
  • Most have switched to new UI and have not had issues 

Box Governance 

  • Integrations with CASBs
  • Image recognition via uploads and as retroactive application 
  • Folder-driven classification use cases 
  • Automated actions driven by classification use cases 
  • Box Capture + automation unlocks possibilities 


Follow Up Actions: To continue conversations with fellow attendees, take the actions below - 


Action 1: First and foremost, subscribe to the “Chicago” label so you will receive updates about future Box Local events in Chicago and recaps like this. You have to be logged into Box Community to see / select "Subscribe". See notification details here about managing your subscriptions.


Action 2: When posting comments below, we recommend you post your name and what company you are with. This way your peers and other attendees can @mention you on the community to ask you a question or have an online conversation here.


Please also post in the comments below if you:

  • Have (a) question(s) about what we discussed on day-of
  • Have another question you want to pose to your peers
  • Have follow up material that you could share on what we talked about
  • Have recommendations for the next event
  • ... and other thoughts!


Action 3: If you haven't already, look for the post-event email from "The Box Team" and complete the survey. This is how we can improve these in-person local events.


As we talked about during our event, Box Local will only work if you all contribute to it - if you share your experience with others and also ask questions to others.  We are pointing all attendees to this post, so let the conversation continue! 


See you soon!