Reporting on Folder Options Changes

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Reporting on Folder Options Changes

Is there an option to report changes in folder settings?


Specifically, someone in my group appears to have turned on 'Only Owners and Co-Owners can invite collaborators' on a folder and I'm trying to figure out who & when. Is there any reporting option that covers this action?

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Re: Reporting on Folder Options Changes



There is not currently a way to do this and to my knowledge it does not show up in the event stream. We have a request in to the Platform team to expose the changes of folder settings to the API. I would love to see how much traction there is for that. Could others chime in if they have a use case for tracking when folder settings are changed or to have the ability to set folder settings programmatically?



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Re: Reporting on Folder Options Changes

Yes we would have use for that as well.  Management specifically turned off commenting on a folder then someone turned it back on but we can not find out who.  Seeing folder setting activity would be a great value.