Email Updates for new file uploads

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Email Updates for new file uploads

I would like to set up a system where I can have a user receive an email whenever an outside collaborator uploads new files into a folder.  I have business plus.  I was told this could be set up, but I am not sure what steps I need to take to get it set up.  Thanks!



Separately, I may want to be able to set up email notifications for an outside collaborator whenever completed jobs are uploaded to a different folder.  Would this be possible?  Thanks!


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Re: Email Updates for new file uploads



If a person is a collaborator on a folder they can set their notification preferences for that folder. Just go to the folder settings for that folder, scroll to the bottom, override your default notifications and check the box to be notified when anything is uploaded. 


The same goes for any collaborator on the folder, whether inside your company or outside. 





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