Participating in the Box Feed Beta Program

Box Feed uses machine learning to provide a constantly-updated personalized collection of content.  It identifies documents and files it deems most relevant to you based on the people and files you work with most, and automatically posts previews of them to your Box interface.


The Box Feed beta gives you the opportunity to be among the first to make use of this powerful new tool, while also contributing directly to Feed’s ongoing development and enhancement.


Before you can participate, you must sign the Box Master Beta Agreement (MBA).  This applies to all Box beta programs.  You only need to sign it once.  If you’re uncertain whether your organization already has a signed MBA on file with Box, please contact your Box Customer Success manager.


You also must sign an NDA.  For more information, see the Related Links section at the end of this article.


Finally, you are obliged to provide feedback to Box based on your experience using Feed.


When the Box Feed beta program ends – that is, when Feed becomes generally available – Box Feed will be included in the cost of Box enterprise accounts.  Should this ever change, we will notify customers well in advance.


Signing the Box MBA

If you already have a signed MBA on file with Box, you can turn on Box Feed at any time, directly from your Admin Console.  For more details, see the Related Links section below.


Note   You must be an admin or co-admin to sign the Box MBA.


To sign a Box MBA

  1. From your Admin Console, in the lefthand navigation, click Enterprise Settings. When the Enterprise Settings page displays, click Content & Sharing.
  2. Scroll down to the Box Feed Beta section. Click Edit Configuration.
  3. In the dialog box that displays, click Enable. Then, at the prompt, click Accept Agreement.  (By clicking Accept Agreement, you are signing the MBA.
  4. The Content & Sharing page redisplays. Scroll back down to the Box Feed Beta section.  You can see the beta is now enabled. 
  5. To disable the beta – or to specify which individuals can access Feed via whitelisting or blacklisting – click the appropriate link at the prompt.

If you do not see an Edit Configuration button, contact your Box customer success representative.


Revoking an MBA or disabling a Beta

To revoke an MBA or disable the beta, contact your Box customer success manager.  Box will disable the beta on your behalf.

  • Admins can terminate an MBA agreement
  • Box can terminate an MBA agreement

IMPORTANT   Terminating an MBA automatically deactivates all of your Box betas – not just Box Feed.


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