Introducing Box Feed

Box Feed uses machine learning to provide a constantly-updated personalized collection of content.  It identifies documents and files it deems most relevant to you based on the people and files you work with most.  Then it automatically posts previews of them to your Box interface.  These could be files you’re working or collaborating on, or documents others have created you don’t even know exist (assuming you have permission to view these documents).  Feed provides one centralized view from which you can quickly act on your important files, including sharing, previewing, and commenting directly in the Feed.


Box Feed keeps your most recent work visible and accessible.  It also enables you to keep up with what people around you are doing that could in turn help with what you’re working on.  And it can save significant time you might otherwise waste searching through all of your files to find what you need and stay current. 


Where your feed comes from

Box generates Feed from the document activity of your coworkers – views, edits, comments, uploads, and so on.  These actions influence Feed differently based on how relevant they are to you.  Feed determines relevance in several ways: 

  • Personal relationship – When someone uploads, downloads, shares, or accesses a file, it may appear in your feed, depending on your relationship with that person – how many files you share, how often you interact via comments, and so on.
  • Weighting – different file actions are weighted differently. For example, comments are weighted more heavily than views.
  • Timeliness – Files updated more recently hold a higher weight than files updated less recently.
  • Trending – Files that are viewed or commented on more frequently hold higher weight than files with less interaction.


Stay in control

You can modify what you see in your feed – AND you can modify what activity of yours is visible in others’ feeds.  For example, you can:

  • Modify sorting to display posts based on the most recent and relevant action taken.
    • If multiple relevant actions are taken on a file, it still appears in the feed only once. However, the frequency of relevant actions does boost a post's relevance and, as a result, its placement in your feed.  This is similar to the way a Web site’s activity boosts its position in a Google search. 
  • Hide a file or folder such that it never appears in your feed.
  • Hide your own activity so that it doesn’t appear in others’ feeds.

Finally, Feed also respects privacy (yours and everyone else’s).  It retains each file's existing Box permissions, so nobody sees anything they’re not supposed to see. 


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