Box Edit Internet Explorer Configuration Guide

Internet Explorer (IE) is unique among the browsers we support for Box Edit in its complexity of configuration, as well as prevalence of multiple versions with different behaviors. This guide covers the most common IE configuration issues.


Note: Unless otherwise specified, screenshots are Win 7, IE 11


Be sure to review the DNS and Proxy configuration article.


This guide is directed at IE specific issues: it’s best utilized after DNS and proxy issues have been resolved. The best test for this is if Box Edit is working in Chrome and/or Firefox, but not in IE. In this case, IE settings must be fixed.


Trust Zones

Internet Explorer > Settings (gear icon) > Internet Options > Security (IE 8) > Tools > Internet Options > Security


This is a somewhat complex topic. In general, both and should be included as a Trusted Site: Click the Sites button on this page, and make sure https://* is added (or the domain you use to access the Box web app), as well as https://*


There is a grid here that indicates whether or not CORS requests are allowed from one Trust Zone to another:


In particular, if going from Internet or Trusted (Internet) to Intranet or Trusted (Intranet), the CORS request will fail. For the failing scenario,

  • would be classified as ‘Internet’ zone
  • would be ‘Intranet’ zone

It should be noted that by default, with no settings, and both should fall into the ‘Internet Zone’ since they are both FQDNs. However, if is added to a proxy bypass list then IE will classify as belonging to the ‘Intranet Zone’.


Adding and removing sites from particular zones:


IEZoneAnalyzer is a tool which can help with determining how different zones are configured, and which zone a particular URL will be loaded into. 

Clicking Zone Map Viewer will show which sites are specifically assigned to which zones, if any.

Entering a URL in the bar at the top and clicking Map URL to Zone will show which zone the given URL currently falls into.


The tool can then be used to show effective settings for a given Zone, which is particularly useful if/when settings are picked up from a mix of Group Policy and User settings.


Access Data Sources Across Domains

Internet Explorer > Settings (gear icon)Internet Options > Security > Custom Level… (for the trust zone in question)


Note: For Internet Explorer 8 only - Tools -> Internet Options -> Security > Custom Level… (for the trust zone in question)


For the trust zone where the Box domain exists (i.e., https://* which should be in Trusted Sites), this setting needs to be set to either Prompt or Disable. If set to Enable, IE will not send the proper headers for a CORS request to the Box Edit application, which will consequently reject the communication from the web app.



Enhanced Protected Mode

Internet Explorer > Settings (gear icon)Internet Options > Advanced 


Note: This is IE 10 and 11 only

In Settings, under Security, there is a checkbox for Enable Enhanced Protected Mode
  • Windows 8 or later: If Enhanced Protected Mode is enabled, IE will not allow the Box web app to communicate with the Box Local Com Server. This option must be unchecked.
  • Windows 7: Enhanced Protected Mode does not prevent Box Edit from functioning properly.

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