Box Edit Did Not Save My File To Box

When editing a file in a desktop application via Box Edit, there is a very small chance that your file does not save successfully back to Box and this can happen for a few different reasons. The good news is that your work is easily recoverable and Box User Services will work with you to uncover the root cause of the failed save. 




Machines running Box Edit


Resolution Steps


First, we will want to recover your work. Here is how: 



  1. Copy and paste: %localappdata%\box\box edit\documents in the Windows Start search bar.   
  2. This should bring up a Windows explorer window with multiple folders all named with numbers. Please look through these folders and find the one that contains the file of interest. 
  3. Within this folder, there should also be a subfolder named "TEMP", click in this, and see if a version of the edited file is stored here.  


  1. Open a Finder window.
  2. Click Go from the tool bar > Go to Folder.
  3. Type ~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box Edit/Documents and enter. 
  4. In the Documents folder, there will be a folder corresponding to each file you've edited with Box Edit. Search through these folders to find your file.
    1. Note: Sorting by Date Modified will allow you to find your file near the top. 

Once your file is recovered, we will determine the root cause of the saving failure. Please open a case with Box User Services and provide answers to the questions below: 


  1. What is the name of the file that failed to save changes, and where is it located in your Box account?
  2. What operating system do you work with?
  3. Have you noticed Box Edit failing to save changes to other files besides this specific file? If so, are they all of the same file type, or are some .docx, .xlsx, .xls, etc?
  4. When you saved the file, did you click "Save" or "Save As"?
  5. Do you remember seeing two pop-ups in the bottom right hand corner of your screen saying "Saving to Box" and "Saved to Box" after you clicked Save?
  6. Can you please include your Box Edit logs so we can take a closer look at the individual actions around the save? 
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