Some Items Are Not Appearing In Box Drive

Box Drive will present all of the content in your Box account to you, just like but right on your desktop! At times, something may go wrong and this may not be the case. Here are the steps you should take and things you should check:


  1. Make sure that you still have access to the content on
  2. Ensure that there are not any Error Notifications that would stop the item from appearing.
    • As an example, if there is a forward slash - / - in the file or folder name, Windows will not be able to display the file due to character restrictions.
  3. Reset Box Drive and check if the folder appears afterwards.
  4. If the item is shared, see if a colleague is able to view the item in Box Drive.


If you are still unable to see the missing items, please submit your Box Drive logs and open a case with the Box User Services team!

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