There are generally three situations where these email-appended duplications can occur: 


Drag Local Content into your Box Drive location

If you...

  1. Locally drag or copy content into the new Box Drive location that is already on
  2. The local files you moved manually will be uploaded to as "Item Name ("

Because content on already has the same name as what you placed in the folder locally, Box Drive renames the local files that you have manually moved in order to avoid overwriting what it is downloading from


Local creation of a folder that already exists on

If you... 

  1. Have a folder on that is called "Project A".
  2. Then you create a folder called "Project A" locally in your Box Drive location.
  3. The name "Project A" is already taken on, so the folder is renamed to "Project A (" and uploaded it to


Simultaneous content creation or editing by two collaborators:

If you and a collaborator on both create or edit a file/folder of the same name at the same time, the first file to reach will be named “Filename.txt” the second file will be named “Filename (” in order to prevent overwriting. For more information about conflicting file edits check out this article: How Does Box Handle and Resolve Conflicts?