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Windows Specific Known Issues for Box Drive

by on ‎06-12-2017 04:13 PM - edited on ‎06-28-2017 02:00 PM by (2,190 Views)

The following are known limitations for Box Drive on Windows computers:


  • Do not run Box Sync and Box Drive at the same time
  • Box Drive only supports Windows 7 64-bit and  Windows 10 64-bit. 32-bit versions and Windows 8.x are not supported. 
  • Folders inside your Bofolder will not respect global folder view settings (e.g. icon size, etc)
  • Files in your Box folder will not be previewed in the Preview Pane of Windows Explorer. 
  • On Windows, when auto-update happens, the File Explorer windows will restart. If a user has more than one Explorer window open, only one will restart after the auto-update. 
  • Box Drive cannot be launched with double byte character Windows login. This includes Japanese and Chinese characters.
  • Using Box Drive with additional language packs installed may result in errors unzipping files. Drag .zip files out of the Box folder to unzip.
  • Box Drive does not support Windows folder redirection.
  • The mounted Box folder may display a "Read Only" attribute. You will still be able to write into the folder as long as you are logged in to Box Drive.
  • On Windows, a character limit of 260 characters applies to the entire file path, not just the individual file name (if you are renaming a file through Explorer).