Windows Specific Known Issues for Box Drive

The following are known limitations for Box Drive on Windows machines:


  • Windows 8.x is not supported. 
  • Windows search tools such as Cortana or File Explorer search will not return Box Drive results.  Use Box Drive's search tool instead.
  • Folders inside your Box folder will not respect global folder view settings (e.g. icon size, column width etc)
  • Files in your Box folder will not be previewed in the Preview Pane of Windows Explorer unless the file is cached or marked for offline. 
  • Accessing/Saving Box Drive content from Windows "libraries" (smart collection) is not supported
  • During auto-update happens, the File Explorer windows will restart. If a user has more than one Explorer window open, only one will restart after the auto-update. 
  • Box Drive cannot be launched with double byte character Windows login. This includes Japanese and Chinese characters.
  • Using Box Drive with additional language packs installed may result in errors unzipping files. Drag .zip files out of the Box folder to unzip.
  • Box Drive does not support Windows folder redirection.
  • The mounted Box folder may display a "Read Only" attribute. You will still be able to write into the folder as long as you are logged in to Box Drive.
  • On Windows, a character limit of 260 characters applies to the entire file path, not just the individual file name (if you are renaming a file through Explorer). A character limit of 218 characters applies to the entire file path when opening Excel files on Windows. 
  • Windows 10/Edge: Downloading from Edge and using Save As to BD folder Creates a Blank File.  Users should download the file into a local folder and then move it into the destination folder in Box Drive.
  • On Windows, thumbnails will not preview in Box Drive unless the file has been opened previously (cached). 
  • With version 2.3 we are not supporting mount paths with extended unicode characters.  In this case, Drive is unable to read the mount path and uses the default location.  More information on configuring the default Box Drive folder location.
  • With Windows 32-bit machines, after attempting to open the Drive folder in a custom configured mount location, the system might display a dialog box indicating the location cannot be found. If this occurs, please restart Explorer or restart the computer.


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