Mac Specific Known Issues for Box Drive

 The following are known limitations for Box Drive on Mac computers:


  • Mac search tools such as Spotlight or Finder search will not return search results from Box Drive. Use Box Drive's search functionality instead. 
  • File thumbnails will not appear for files that have not already been opened through Box Drive. Additionally, Finder's Quick Look will not work for files that have not yet been opened through Box Drive. 
  • Unexpected growl notification is displayed on login when user installs latest Box Drive version after uninstalling previous version.
  • Mac package files are not supported.
  • We recommend using the native Archive Utility to extract files. Applications like 7zip have not been tested and may produce errors. 
  • If icon overlays are not visible in Box Drive, please ensure Box Sync is not installed and disable/re-enable Box Drive's Finder extension by going to System Preferences > Extensions > Finder > uncheck and check the Box Finder Extension.



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