General Limitations When Using Box Drive

The following are known limitations for Box Drive on all devices:


  • Box does not support running Box Sync and Box Drive simultaneously on a single machine.  Doing so results in the following behaviors:

    • Whichever product that was most recently installed or updated opens Box Notes files.

    • Icons may not display properly.

    • If you run into issues, uninstall Box Sync.  More information on uninstalling Box Sync.
  • Large files may take some time to open for the first time. 

  • Initial loading of a folder's content may take time, especially for folders with many files and sub-folders.
  • Multiple people on the same computer cannot use Box Drive at the same time. If Box Drive is open for one person, Box Drive does not launch for the second person until the first one quits Box Drive. 
  • Unsupported characters in file or folder names cause issues, such as errors when copying them into Box Drive.
  • Copying Box Notes from Box Drive might fail. In such cases, retrying the copy operation helps. 
  • Attempting to open multiple PDF files from the Box Drive search interface may cause an error.
  • Customers using security products such as the ones listed below may see unexpected behavior with Box Drive if the security product cannot exclude Box Drive's volume mount using the "Box" folder path.
    • McAfee MOVE
    • Symantec DLP
    • Dell Data Protection
    • Checkpoint Endpoint Encryption
    • BitDefender 
    • Carbon Black Defense
  • Box Drive is not compatible with the following applications/programs and may result in unexpected behavior:
    • Adobe Bridge - attempting to open the Box folder from Adobe Bridge will result in an error. 
  • The Box Drive folder location cannot be customized. 
  • Folders you created in Box for Salesforce do not display until you quit and relaunch Box Drive.
  • While offline, adding new files or folders into a folder for which Box Drive does not yet have the content results in your new item or items being hidden.  The content is not lost, but it remains hidden until you return online.
  • Online-only folders that are children of an offline folder are incorrectly marked for offline access when they are renamed.
  • The Box Drive folder cannot be mapped as a network drive.
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