General Limitations When Using Box Drive

The following are known limitations for Box Drive on all devices:


  • Do not run Sync and Box Drive at the same time
  • Box Drive does not currently support marking files for offline access. This feature will be available in future versions of Box Drive, but until then, if you need to access certain files while disconnected from the internet, we recommend using Box Sync.
  • Large files may take some time to open for the first time
  • Initial loading of a folder's content may take time, especially for very large folders 
  • The built-in search functionality in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder will not return search results from Box Drive. Use the search feature of Box Drive instead. 
  • Multiple OS users cannot run Box Drive at the same time. Box Drive will not open for the 2nd user. 
  • Search UI fails to remember its new location on reopening it when user drag it from default location
  • Unsupported characters in file names will cause issues.
  • Copying Box Notes file from Box Drive might fail. In such cases, retrying the copy operation will help. 
  • File thumbnails in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder won't show up for files that have not already been opened. Additionally, Finder's Quick Look for Mac too won't work for files that have not yet been opened.
  • Attempting to open multiple PDF files from the Box Drive search interface may result in an error.
  • Box Drive does not support Adobe Bridge. Attempting to open the Box folder from Adobe Bridge will result in an error. 
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