Creating your own video submission process for a talent agency

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Finding the next star can be tough, but the process can be easy, thanks to Box!


A talent agency constantly received audition videos or "screen-tests" from agents through email and other different platforms. Needing to streamline their submission process and easily organize their video files to be searchable, they decided to use Box!


  • Using the Upload by Email feature, agents can submit their videos to the agency without creating a Box account. 
  • Within the folder, the talent agency would preview the video files from Box rather than download and view on their computers.
  • Finally, the talent agency would use Tags and Metadata to easily organize the videos by agent, role, and project. As a result, the files were much easier to search and sort within the folder.

This once scattered hunt to organize all the screencasts became more efficient and easier for both parties thanks to Box! Even now, this talent agency is looking to make this screencast submission process into an app thanks to Box Platform!


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Great solution to combine the data into a repository that is easily searchable. I initially used the email to folder functionality as well, but found users often had a hard time relaying the ugly and often difficult to remember email address to business colleagues and or potential clients. Additionally, there were times when the size of the media files stressed some email systems. I ended up switching over to use the Box upload widget because the link could be customized to something that was easily remembered and we were able to keep attachments out of emails which is what we preferred.