Create workspaces for your employees using copy and paste

Box Employee

A construction company is cleaning up their mess; nope, not the debris you'd see from a site, but the digital management of their files and projects, and they managed to do this with Box.


The IT Admin wanted to have a unified folder structure and create a template folder structure that would be easy to replicate for all employees. Using Box, he utilized the Copy feature on the WebApp and set up template folders with organized sub-folders and files needed for each assigned collaborator to work on their construction projects.


No developers needed, just copy and paste using easy keyboard shortcuts, that allowed our admin to immediately set up multiple users right away!


What about when employees left companies or new managers needed to take over a current project? Without breaking any current collaborations or set up for employees, the IT team could easily change ownership of the folders to a service account before reassigning to the newly identified owner, all using their content manager tab from the Admin Console.


Have another way that you set up workspaces for your projects? Share in the comments below or kudos if you like the Copy feature!


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