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Hi all!


Filling in for Howard while he is relaxing on a well-earned vacation! Bonus points to folks who know where this is (it's a bit of a giveaway if you're from here or have been here before):

 fine-arts-649347_640.jpgphoto by photos71 on


But let's get right to the amazing contributions from these awesome users below!


A huge thank you to our leaders for your help in the Community last month!

  • @dfsixstring21 Kudos, 9 solutions and 72 replies  
  • @bibek_k: 10 kudos, 2 solutions and posted 8 replies


Also a special shout-out to up-and-comer @oanafoto with 7 kudos, 1 solution and 25 replies!


On behalf of the community, our sincerest and deepest thanks to each of you for all that you do!


Be sure to check out all the great answers these members shared, and remember to use the Kudos and Accepted Solutions features to show the love!


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