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Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last... never mind, you know the song! Hey, I hope some of you swung by the BoxStars booth at BoxWorks and met with us! We're always glad to connect with you offline and online and we hope BoxWorks was an enjoyable experience. 


With that being said, we got to recognize our top Community members in person, and this year we honored @BobFlynn-IU and @Rob_Parrish for being our top Community advocates for the 2017-2018 season.


Check out their expert answers in the forum!


For the month of August, we recognize the following active users for their contributions in all the forums available:

  1. @iancrew - 4 replies posted, 1 kudos received and 2 solutions accepted with G-Suite integration posts
  2. @jdeveaux - 4 replies posted ,4 kudos received for sharing his thoughts with BoxStars folks
  3. @killerz - 4 replies posted, 1 kudos received for the help with API calls and feedback on integrations


Thank you everyone for your contribution and check out all the threads available in the forums here!

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