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It's now fall and that means orange leaves, daylight saving time, and of course pumpkin spice latte's. What a season indeed. Thanks to all the our community members for participating and sharing your feedback with us through the Community. We have some exciting new launches coming soon at the end of this October month so stay tuned in the Product News blog.


For the month of September, we recognize the following active users for their contributions in all the forums available:

  1. @Rob_Parrish - 29 replies posted, 28 kudos received and 2 solutions accepted.
  2. @MarcWUW- 11 replies posted ,2 kudos received for sharing his CLI error with = developers.
  3. @BobFlynn-IU - 10 replies posted, 8 kudos received.


Thank you everyone for your contribution and check out all the threads available in the forums here!


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