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Hi everyone!


It's about that time again – our Box Community Terms of Service were starting to show their age, so we've given them a refresh to keep pace with our community's needs. You can always find the current Community Terms of Service here for review:


Some highlights include:

  • Updated the Purpose to better reflect how our community is used today.
  • Updated the Guidelines section to cover communications from Box employees, "bumping", and removed some redundant language, etc.
  • Updated the contact information in multiple places to make sure any issues or questions get to the right people.
  • Added a section on "feedback and submissions" to cover those types of content.
  • And generally updated any legalese to adhere to Box standards in use elsewhere.


Along with our Member Guidelines, our community terms of service are an important part of the how we set expectations on the community and keep this space a friendly and productive environment for all our members. Please take a moment to review them now and understand the changes. If you have any questions please contact a member of the community team via private message or via for assistance.


Thanks to everyone who follows our terms of service and our guidelines, and helps make the Box Community a welcoming place for all our members!



Wow August already! Time flies by when you're having fun, taking a vacation, or... when you're getting ready for BoxWorks later this month! If you have not already, sign up for the free Expo Pass and register for BoxWorks here!


Onto the forums! Here are your top members for July 2018!


  • @BobFlynn-IU had 7 replies, 13 kudos received, and 1 accepted solution.
  • @viveku had 5 replies, 5 kudos received, and 1 accepted solution.
  • @mpebley had 4 replies, 5 kudos received, and a great solution helping everyone with macOS 10.14 questions.

Check out their answers and other discussion in the All Forums page, and remember to give our members props with the Kudos and Accepted Solutions features!

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